PBJT: A simple internet meme brought to Android

Why you should download this app

It's a freakin' dancing banana with a catchy song, what other reason do you need? Straight from the heart of the land of lolcats and candy mountain comes one of the best memes that has transitioned from the internet to Family Guy: Peanut Butter Jelly Time. If you have never heard of Peanut Butter Jelly Time then I feel sorry for you. With our app, you do not need to be tied to the internet to show off one of the best memes in the world. IN. THE. WORLD! You can now entertain your friends (before they sever all ties from you due to embarassment), complete strangers on the bus, and government officals with the perkiness of an animated banana and G-rated hip-hop.

How do I get this amazing work of awesomeness?

You need to be running Android 1.6 (Doughnut) or newer to experience this classic internet meme. You can get the PBJT app in the Android Marketplace (by searching "PBJT") or by scanning the QR code below. Or click the QR code if you're too freakin' lazy to get your phone because it's just a few millimeters out of arm's reach.

QR code for PBJT Peanut Butter Jelly Time app


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I think I broke it

That's OK, if you have any problems with this app, please contact our It may not work for everyone because we don't have every phone nor every version of Android available to test the app on. It is also possible that your phone is much newer than when we originally released the app so we may need to make an update. When contacting tech support, please specify your phone model and we will look into making it work for you.